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Astrophysics staff

Academic staff
Professor Isabelle Baraffe Professor of Astrophysics
Professor Matthew Bate Head of Astrophysics & Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics
Professor Matthew Browning Associate Professor
Dr Chris Brunt Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics
Professor Gilles Chabrier Professor of Astronomy
Dr Claire Davies Lecturer (E&S) in Physics & Astronomy
Professor Clare Dobbs Professor in Astrophysics
Professor Tim Harries Head of Physics and Astronomy
Dr Jennifer Hatchell Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics
Dr Raphaëlle D. Haywood Senior Lecturer in Physics & Astronomy
Professor Sasha Hinkley Associate Professor
Dr Eric Hébrard Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics
Professor Stefan Kraus Professor of Astrophysics
Dr Sebastiaan Krijt Lecturer in Astrophysics
Dr Pablo Loren-Aguilar Lecturer in Astrophysics
Professor Sean Matt Associate Professor of Astrophysics
Professor Nathan Mayne Professor in Astrophysics and Planetary Climates
Professor Tim Naylor Norman Lockyer Professor of Astrophysics
Post-doctoral research fellows
Dr Ahmad Ali Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Thomas Bending Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Anne Buckner Research Fellow
Dr Sorabh Chhabra Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Duncan Christie Research Fellow
Dr Shweta Dalal Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Tyler Gardner Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Thomas Guillet Senior Research Fellow
Dr Cecilia Lazzoni Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Sebastian Marino Senior Research Fellow
Dr Adrien Morison Research Fellow
Dr Sam Morrell Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Dan Mortimer Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Arwen Nicholson Research Fellow
Dr Denis Sergeev Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Owain Snaith Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Dimitar Vlaykov Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Tom J. Wilson Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Maria Zamyatina Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Visitors, emeritus and honorary fellows
Dr Ian Boutle Honorary University Fellow
Research administrators
Emma Way Administrative Officer (Astrophysics Group)
Experimental officers and technicians
Dr Krisztian Kohary Research IT Officer (Astrophysics)
Michelle Bieger Postgraduate
Josh Clarke Postgraduate
Isabelle Codron Postgraduate
Jake Eager-Nash Postgraduate
Dan Elsender Postgraduate
Nicholas Herrington Postgraduate
Adrien Houge Postgraduate
Tom Joshi-Cale Postgraduate
Ben Lakeland Postgraduate
Simon Lance Postgraduate
Ollie Lewis Postgraduate
Alex Loader Postgraduate
Yi Lu Postgraduate
Mei Ting Mak Postgraduate
Kathryn Milsom Postgraduate
Jack Morton Postgraduate
Hazhar Rasull Postgraduate
Shrishmoy Ray Postgraduate
Federica Rescigno Postgraduate
Robert Ridgway Postgraduate
Arthur Le Saux Postgraduate
Andrew Wilson Postgraduate
Sebastian Zarrilli Postgraduate