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Prof Alastair P Hibbins


Post doctoral researchers and Independent Fellows

PhD Researchers 

  • Beth Staples "Control of Flow-induced Near-field Noise Through The use of Metasurfaces" (CDT / Thales ICASE)
  • Katie Lewis "Advanced Magnetic Materials for Radio, Microwave and Millimetre-wave applications" (CDT / DSTL
  • Nick Jones "Disruptive Technologies for Acoustic Noise Reduction" (QinetiQ)
  • Leanne Dawn Stanfield “Antenna efficiency and match manipulation using metamaterials (Leonardo ICASE)
  • Joshua Glasbey “Manipulating the Coupling and Scattering between Surface Waves and Plane” CDT/MBDA)
  • James Capers "Exploring the space of electromagnetic materials, with applications to antenna design" (Dstl)
  • Kyle Arnold “Artificial Magnetic Conductor Surfaces for Conformal Antenna Design”(DSTL)
  • Jenner Gudge-Brooke “Miniaturised helical antennas for superdirectivity” (DSTL)
  • Dan Moore “Making the world sound better – acoustic metamaterials for manipulating sound in air and underwater”(CDT/DSTL)
  • Jonathon Smith “Next Generation metasurfaces: tensorial surfaces for novel antenna functionality” (CDT/DSTL ICASE)
  • Philip Skelland "Hydroacoustic Metamaterials for Focusing and Filtering of Underwater Sound" (Atlas Elektronik)
  • Kieran Cowan "Retrodirective Metamaterials for Long-Range Identification and Sensing" (QinetiQ ICASE)