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Photo of Dr Sorabh Chhabra

Dr Sorabh Chhabra

Postdoctoral Fellow


Telephone: 01392 724124

Extension: (Streatham) 4124

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Postdoctoral job: Design and development of instrument Project GAIA-BInaries: Formation and fundamental pRoperties Of Stars and planeTary systems (BIFROST), European Research Council funded project.  


PhD work: Adaptive Optics and its alternatives - Theory, Simulation and Instruments.Works on accurate turbulence simulation, simulation of an accurate imaging system, algorithm development for speckle correlation-based imaging through atmospheric turbulence (post-processing imaging techniques), adaptive optics real-time on sky calibration at 2 m class telescope IGO, Pune. Building instrument called "SIMULATOR - Speckle Imager via MUlti-Layer Atmospheric Turbulence Object Reconstructor" to mimics large scale telescope characteristics (up to 25 m in diameter) inside the lab, funded by govt of India.