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Photo of Mr Shane Davies

Mr Shane Davies


Oral Presentations:

MRS Spring Meeting 2019, Phoenix AZ, USA (22nd-26th April 2019) - "Interfacial Patterning as a Framework for Creating High ZT Thermoelectric Materials"

E-MRS Fall Meeting 2018, Warsaw, Poland (17th-20th September 2018) - "Increasing Thermoelectric ZT Using Interfacial Patterning"


Poster Presentations:

Materials for Clean Energy Conference (MCEC) 2019, National Physical Laboratory, UK (8th-10th April 2019) - "Nano-scale Patterning for Improved Thermoelectrics"

Showcasing Emerging Technologies - Metamaterials, Birmingham, UK (19th March 2019) - "Nano-scale Patterning for Thermoelectric Applications"

MSSC 2018: Ab Initio Modelling in Solid State Chemistry, Turin, Italy (2nd-7th September 2018) - "Nano-scale Patterning for Thermoelectric Applications"