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Stefano Scali

Postgraduate researcher


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I am a doctoral researcher in quantum thermodynamics and quantum information theory under the supervision of Prof Janet Anders and Dr Simon Horsley within the Quantum Non-Equilibrium Group.

My project's aim is to find the deepest connection between the several mathematical structures used to approximate the dynamics of open quantum systems.

In other words, in the first courses of quantum mechanics, we learn how to deal with closed systems. However, when interaction with the environment is considered, things change, we cannot describe easily the dynamics of the system and approximations have to be made. Moreover, there are a variety of approximations tailored to different problems. This is the issue my project addresses, can we obtain a better understanding of these approximations? Can we merge them in a bigger, global picture?

education and employment.

  • MASt in Physics, University of Cambridge (UK), 2018-2019
  • BSc in Physics, University of Siena (Italy), 2014-2018
  • CNC programmer in carpentry, Falegnameria Fosca - Siena (Italy), 2013-2015
  • Tech merchandiser, Fnac - Firenze (Italy), 2010-2013

schools and conferences.

  • Quantum thermodynamics for young scientists, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef (Germany), February 2020
  • Frontiers of quantum thermodynamics, Exeter/Brixham (UK), September 2019
  • QuICC summer school, Leeds (UK), August 2019
  • Entanglement in quantum systems, Galileo Galilei Institute (GGI) - Firenze (Italy), June 2018
  • CERN summer student, Geneva (Switzerland), June-August 2017

talks and posters.

  • "Probing the geometry of open-system dynamics" - Quantum thermodynamics for young scientists, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef (Germany), February 2020
  • “Maxwell's demon and the wedding between thermodynamics and information” - Postgraduate appetizers: 6 tasty talks on Master's topics (Organiser), Siena - December 2019
  • “Quantum Estimation of Entanglement Properties in Lattice Spin Systems” - 4th Italian conference of physics students (IAPS), Pisa - April 2018


  • Institute of Physics (IOP), MInstP, member 2018-present (student & associate member 2015-2018)
  • European Physics Society (EPS), student membership, 2016-2018


Other than physics, I love cycling and doing motocross (once a year I still pretend to be a motocross rider), I have much fun coding in different languages and building DIY stuff.


Here my google scholar, while my webpage is at its beginning but hopefully you will find something interesting soon!