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Wednesday 07 Dec 2022The origins of planetary chemical diversity

Mihkel Kama - UCL

Physics building, 4th floor 14:00-15:00

The exoplanet revolution of the last few decades is entering a phase where detailed composition-related properties are measured for a growing number of planets. Ultimately, this is important for placing the Earth and solar system in a wider cosmic context. Formation in a protoplanetary disk and next to a specific star ultimately controls the planetary composition, while planetary processes such as interior-atmosphere mixing complicate the picture. Conversely, composition may allow us to reconstruct a planetís formation history. I will review some advances in efforts to unravel the disk-planet connection, including a recent discovery that may bring about an important revision of giant planet formation models. Finally, we will look to a future where JWST and Ariel allow hundreds of planets to be characterised.

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