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Physics and Astronomy

Photo of Dr Alexander Powell

Dr Alexander Powell

RAEng Research Fellow

 (Streatham) 3064

 01392 723064



My research is based around the novel fabrication and function of electromagnetic metamaterials. This means that I look to make these materials in new ways, demonstrate new effects and use them for new applications. 

Some of the key areas I am interested in currently are:

  • Broadband metamaterials based on interlaced meshes.
  • Self-folding, (or shape morphing) materials based on origami or kirigami concepts.
  • Materials with extraordinary electromagnetic scattering behaviours for radar detection/deception and antenna design.
  • Metamaterials for RFID and lnternet of Things.
  • Fabrication of metamaterials using additive manufacturing and 3D weaving.

If you would like to know more about my work then please feel free to drop me an email. 

I am a member of Exeter's Centre of Metamaterials Research and Innovation and the associated doctoral training centre for PhD students.

If you are interested in undertaking a PhD with me or one of our other academics, please see here for a list of opportunities, and get in touch or apply now.

I am also a member of the leadership team for the UK Metamaterials Network, which is a community of over 600 university academics, and industry and governmenal scientists and engineers. If you are a student, postdoc, academic or industry employee, please join our community and engage with our events and activities. 

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  • Stanfield LD, Powell AW, Horsley SAR, Sambles JR, Hibbins AP. (2022) Microwave Demonstration of Purcell Effect Enhanced Radiation Efficiency. [PDF]
  • Powell AW, Capers JR, Horsley SAR, Sambles JR, Hibbins AP. (2022) 3D printed metaparticles based on platonic solids for isotropic, multimode microwave scattering, 2022 16th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, EuCAP 2022.
  • Powell AW, Stavrinadis A, Christodoulou S, Quidant R, Konstantatos G. (2022) On-Demand Activation of Photochromic Nanoheaters for High Color Purity 3D Printing, DOI:10.48550/arxiv.2203.13584.








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