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Physics and Astronomy

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Dr Conor Murphy

Former PhD Student (Graduated 2022)

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I am currently working as a Characterisation Engineer at WaveOptics (Snap Inc.) in Plymouth, please see my LinkedIn for more.

From 2017 to 2022 I was a PhD student at the University of Exeter. I was also a member of the centre for doctoral training (CDT) in Metamaterials (XM2). The title of my PhD project is "Organic light-emitting diodes with FeCl3 intercalated few-layer graphene electrodes".

I studied for an undergraduate degree in physics at Trinity College, Dublin. In 2017 I graduated a B.A. (Hons) in Physics. In my final year I conducted a research project under Professor Jonathan Coleman, the goal of which was to develop an all-printed photodetector device. This involved developing liquid phase exfoliated graphene and MoS2 nanosheets, which in solution could be printed effectively from an inkjet printer onto a flexible substrate. Specifically my project was to investigate the behaviour of the percolation effect on printed devices. This work contributed to a publication in 2D Materials[1].

I am now doing a PhD under the supervision of Prof Monica Craciun and Prof Saverio Russo. The project currently involves developing large area, flexible, transparent, graphene based electrodes for highly efficient OLED and solar cell devices[2]. Specifically I am intercalating few-layer graphene sheets with FeCl3, to fabricate what is known as GraphExeter.  This material, on micron and centimetre scale has been demonstrated to have sheet resistance and optical transmittance better than ITO. GraphExeter is a potential replacement for ITO in the future due to the sustainability of the raw ingredients, the optoelectronic properties better than ITO and also its flexibility. The last phase of my project is to develop the techniques to fabricate solution processed OLEDs in-house and fabricate devices with conventional electrodes and devices with flexible FeCl3-FLG electrodes. I will finish this project in March 2022. 

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