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Photo of Dr Daniel Lash

Dr Daniel Lash

Senior Research Fellow

 (Streatham) 4159

 01392 724159


Centre for Energy and the Environment

Dr Lash has assisted local authorities with government policy on energy use in buildings (e.g. the Building Regulations and other policy documents). He has also produced several design and sustainability compliance tools for local authorities to help embed sustainability principles within developments. These have included a small project tool for Cornwall Council, and an sustainability tool for all projects for Devon County Council.

Dan formed part of the design team on the award-winning Montgomery Primary Schools and Bideford BSF College acting in the role of sustainability adviser and thermal modeller. He conducted extensive thermal modelling both to inform design decisions (energy, thermal comfort, ventilation, daylight) and to fulfil the compliance requirements of the Building Regulations. He has also been involved in numerous other building projects.

As a Level 5 CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessor he is qualified to demonstrate compliance with Part L of the building regulations using dynamic thermal modelling on the most complex building types. He has also conducted evaluations of the University of Exeter’s buildings for the provision of Display Energy Certificates (DECs) and provided advice on how their energy and carbon performance can be improved. Dan is a qualified BREEAM assessor, and is also on the CIBSE School Design group, and the CIBSE Lighting and CIBSE Natural Ventilation Groups. He has undertaken several renewable energy feasibility assessments, and a review of farm scale anaerobic digestion. He has also worked on setting the proxy measures for DSP’s LAA with regard to National Indicators 186 (carbon emissions) and 187 (fuel poverty), and has critiqued masterplans for Exeter City Council

Key Skills

  • Energy performance of buildings through design advice and modelling techniques
  • Thermal comfort in buildings using dynamic thermal models
  • Natural ventilation strategies in buildings and designing out the need for mechanical systems
  • Daylighting and artificial lighting in buildings including computer modelling and on-site measurements
  • Certification of non-domestic buildings including Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates
  • Building acoustics including theoretical performance of buildings, and on site measurement and analysis

Qualifications and Responsibilities

  • Level 5 CIBSE Low Carbon Energy Assessor (Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates)
  • CIBSE Low Carbon Consultant
  • Member of national CIBSE groups for Ventilation and Low Carbon School Design.

Selected Project Experience

  • Devon County Council – A strategic review of BREEAM to standardise the requirements of new capital projects with the policy of the county and the Children and Young People’s Services.
  • Cornwall County Council – Technical input into the Cornish Building Standards to ensure
    consistent minimum standards for all Cornish schools. Includes rigorous investigation of
    numerous design issues and summarising into easily understood documents.
  • Devon County Council – Bideford College. Integration into the design team providing early renewable energy strategy, strategic input into the design of the school, refined thermal, energy and daylight modelling, Part L compliance modelling, production of Energy Performance
  • Plymouth County Council – Estover College. Strategic role on the technical advisory team for delivery of this One School Pathfinder school. Involved setting the brief, being on the selection panel for the bidding contractors, detailed review of thermal modelling output, and ongoing feedback on the evolution of the design.
  • Cornwall County Council – A review of artificial lighting in classrooms, including all present
    relevant literature and guidance and computer modelling.
  • Various projects involving design advice and energy simulations for demonstrating compliance and exceeding the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations
  • Various projects requiring calculations and design advice to meet Part E of the Building
    Regulations (Acoustics).
  • Production of Conference on Building Bulletin 93 (school acoustics). Part of a team who
    authored and delivered a hugely successful series of courses on BB93 to architects, engineers and specifiers.
  • Numerous BREEAM School assessments.
  • University of Exeter – Establishing theoretical carbon emissions for a new University building
    to enable the University to set a realistic and ambitious target for developers for a planned new building on its main campus.
  • Various experiences in architectural practices (1998 – 2001).
  • Torbay Council – Analysis of on-site measured data and computer simulation to investigate the payback periods of retrofitting solar control film to an overheating office building in Torbay.
  • Plymouth County Council – On-site measurement of temperatures and computer modelling to establish solutions to mitigate overheating in a large office building in Plymouth.
  • Cornwall County Council – Field measurement of the performance of a large number of Ground Source Heat Pump installations in social housing projects in Cornwall.
  • Devon County Council – review of NI186 data from DERFRA and assessment against local proxy indicators and NI 186 delivery plan and target.
  • Redtree Developers – Energy demand prediction for the new town development of Sherford near Plymouth, including projected energy demands due to phasing of the development.
  • Devon County Council – Calculating the carbon saving resulting from the Devon Warm Zones
    project which aims to improve Devon Strategic Partners performance against National Indicator 187 (fuel poverty).
  • University of Exeter - Production of Display Energy Certificates and Advisory Reports for
    approximately 60 buildings in the University of Exeter’s estate.

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