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Physics and Astronomy

Photo of Dr Kishan Menghrajani

Dr Kishan Menghrajani

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Kishan Menghrajani did his Ph.D. under Professor Bill Barnes  and professor Geoff Nash in the Centre for Doctoral Training(CDT) in Metamaterials at University of Exeter, and his PhD project was entitled 'Strong Coupling of Molecular Vibrational Resonances’

He is currently working as Postdoctrol Research Fellow under Professor Bill Barnes on a collaborative project with the Chemistry Department at Sheffield University, to explore the use of strong coupling of pigment molecules. This post-doc project is sponsored by The Leverhulme Trust

He is an active member of Physics inclusivity working group.

Personal Website:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow 2019- date

P.I. Professor Bill Barnes, University of Exeter

Professor Graham Leggett, University of Sheffield

Ph.D. (Physics) 2015-2019

Physics (Metamaterials), University of Exeter

P.I. Professor Bill Barnes

Professor Geoff Nash

Project Associate 2013-2015

Computational Photonics, Indian Institute of Science

P.I. Associate Professor Murugesan Venkatapathi

Honours & Awards

International Exchange grant, PI, 2022-2023, Royal Society

International Ph.D. EPSRC studentship, 2015-2019, CDT Metamaterials, University of Exeter

Organizing committee member, IONS Conference, July 9-12, 2019, University of Exeter

Physics inclusively working group, Dec 2020- till date, University of Exeter

SPIE Exeter chapter Advisor 2021- till date

Merit scholarship in Masters, 2012-2013

Department of Science and Technology (DST) scholarship in Master, 2011-2013

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Further information

PhD Project

Excitonics: an organic route to Metamaterials  

SupervisorsProf. Bill Barnes and Prof. Geoff Nash

Many electromagnetic metamaterials are based on metallic elements (meta-atoms) – they make use of the plasmonic modes these elements support. Metals are well suited to this purpose owing to the negative permittivity they possess. The plasmon modes associated with this negative permittivity have the important property that their associated electromagnetic fields are confined to volumes much smaller than the resonant (plasmon) wavelength; one can thus pack many plasmonic elements into a sub-wavelength volume, thereby enabling metamaterials to be made. Other materials may also exhibit negative permittivity – an interesting and little explored class of such materials are excitonic materials such as some dye-doped polymers. Here we will explore the use of such materials as a means to make metamaterials. We have already shown that nanostructures of dye-doped polymers may support localised (excitonic) electromagnetic modes (Nano Lett., 14, 2339 (2014)), enabling optical fields to be confined and enhanced in just the same way that metals afford through the (plasmonic) electromagnetic modes they support. This is a very new area – largely unexplored. We will investigate: how to nanostructure excitonic materials, look at the localised modes supported by these nanostructures, and then explore how these individual structures may be assembled so as to build metamaterials. The properties of these metamaterials will then be investigated, including multilayer structures and arrays of excitonic meta-atoms. In the latter stages of the project we may explore the possibility of assembling them from sustainable materials such as cellulose doped with naturally occurring dyes.

Book Review

Excitations in organic solids, by Vladimir M. Agranovich

Fibre-optic Fabry–Perot sensors: an introduction


Sidmouth science festival 2018

IONS Paris conference- OSA representative 2017

Sidmouth science festival 2017

Big bang south west 2016

Sidmouth science festival 2016

Selected Presentations

London Plasmonics Forum 2019

Vibrational strong coupling with surface plasmons and the presence of surface plasmon stop bands

Molecular Plasmonics 2019

Strong coupling of molecular vibrational resonances in a metal-clad microcavity below cut-off

SCOM 2018

Strong coupling between plasmonic and vibratonal resonances in the mid infrared range

ISPP 2017

Strong coupling between plasmonic and molecular vibrational resonances in a polymer

Poster Presentations

NanoMaterials conference - May 2017

Photonics conference- Dec 2016

SCOM conference- Oct 2016

Oversight board visit- Jan 2016

Startup Weekend

Startup weekend Exeter winners, November 2016

Startup weekend Exeter winners, June 2016


Kishan Menghrajani

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