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Physics and Astronomy

Photo of Mr Peter Inzani

Mr Peter Inzani

Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2017)


Former undergraduate from the University of Exeter. For my masters project I studied the role of massive stars in clusters, whether their feedback mechanisms could disperse the giant molecular cloud they formed in. This involved approaching it as a hydrodynamics problem and simulating the systems using the radiative hydrodynamics code TORUS.

For my PhD Project in the CDT I am trying to find new theoretical models for magnetoelastic swimmers. I will be exploring the hydrodynamic interaction and what can be done to maximise swimming potential. 

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Further information

Presentations and Posters

Presented a poster "CFD Modelling of low Reynolds number micromotors" at the Bio-Inspired-Magnetic-Systems (BIMS) workshop in July 2018.

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