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Physics and Astronomy

Photo of Dr Shweta Dalal

Dr Shweta Dalal

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

 (Streatham - Physics postdoc office room 509) 5071

 (Physics postdoc office room 509) 01392 725071


Research -  Detecting and Characterizing exoplanets with particular interest in studying their architecture; Stellar models to better understand stellar activity for detecting low-mass (Earth-like) planets around solar-type stars (as in upcoming Terra Hunting Experiment).

Outeach - I believe public outreach is a part of our responsibility as researchers. I have been engaged in various outreach activities (see my website for details), most recently (July 2022) I gave a public talk on "Discovering Earth-like planets in the celestial neighbourhood" in the National Science Center, Leicester.  

Publication list can be found here

Personal Website :

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