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Physics and Astronomy

Photo of Mr Tom Joshi-Cale

Mr Tom Joshi-Cale


 (Streatham) 5518

 01392 725518

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I obtained my MPhys in Physics with Astrophysics at the University of Exeter in July 2021, with my MPhys dissertation "Using Structure Functions to Investigate the Long-Timescale Variability of Young Stellar Objects", which was supervised by Prof Tim Naylor.

The same year I accepted an STFC studentship to undertake a PhD at the University of Exeter with Professor Matt Browning, in which I am using Fluid Dynamics to simulate stellar and planetary interiors to investigate angular momentum transport and magnetism. I use Dedalus to explore the effects of various parameters on convection. Currently - I am investigating shearing flows in 2D simulations at low Prandtl number.

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