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Prof Alastair P Hibbins


  • Dr Simon Berry (PhD) - Research Scientist at QinetiQ
  • Dr Matthew Biginton (PhD) - Manager of Research and Technology at The Magstim Company
  • Dr Liz Brock (PhD) - Scientific Consulatant at Met Office
  • Dr Celia Butler (PhD and postdoc) - Senior Application Engineer at Synopsys
  • Dr Tom Constant (PhD and postdoc) - Research Fellow at Univesity of Exeter
  • Dr Joe Dockrey (PhD) - Tactical Planning Manager at Openreach
  • Dr James Edmunds (PhD) - Systems Engineer at Gooch and Housego
  • Dr Nina Meinzer (post doc) - Associate Editor at Nature Communications
  • Dr Rhiannon Mitchell-Thomas (post doc) - European Patent Office
  • Dr Alasdair Murray (PhD) - Stealth Materials Scientist at QinetiQ
  • Dr Laura Parke (PhD) 
  • Dr Helen Rance (PhD and postdoc) - Defence Scienctist at UK Met Office
  • Dr Melita Taylor (PhD) - Teacher
  • Dr Ben Tremain (PhD and postdoc) - Insight and Analytics Manager at Openreach
  • Tom Graham - Research Fellow at University of Sussex