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Photo of Mr Angus Laurenson

Mr Angus Laurenson

Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2015)


Final year XM2 PhD student studying magnonics, currently running micromagnetic simulations using mumax3 and taking part in X-ray holography measurements of magnetisation dynamics.

My Publiscations are detailed on Orchid, ID ORCID iD

  • Project title: Spin-wave interference in magnonic structure: Bragg scattering and beyond
  • Supervisors: Volodymyr Kruglyak, Jacopo Bertolotti
  • Aim: Image, simulate and understand propagating anisotropic magnetic spin waves and develop structures to manipulate them
  • Applications: Computer processors and storage, wireless communications and sensing

Events Attended


  • Control of magnetic vortex position in a patterned permalloy disc, Magnetism 2016, Sheffield, April 2016,
  • Collective excitation of Skyrmion bubble domain lattice in a magnetic film patterned with Antidots, mmmIntermag 2019, Washington DC, January 2019


  • Vortex dynamics of a patterned nanoscale disc
  • Skyrmionic magnonic crystal