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Photo of Mr Andrew Wilson

Mr Andrew Wilson



Telephone: 01392 725518

Extension: (Streatham) 5518

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I am a part-time PhD student conducting observational research on young stars under the supervision of Prof Tim Naylor.

My main area of research is identifying young stars using a machine learning classifier I constructed (Wilson et al. 2023, MNRAS, 521, 354). Follow up observations of these candidate young stars will be conducted using the WEAVE spectrograph on the WHT as part of the SCIP science team. I have a secondary research area looking at starspot coverage on young stars.

When not doing research, I am a part-time IT consultant, including work for the British Astronomical Association. I built and manage the BAA online Photometry and Spectroscopy databases.


BSc in Mathematics from the Open University (2016)

BSc in Astronomy & Physics from University College London (1994)