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Photo of  Dan Elsender

Dan Elsender



Telephone: 01392 725518

Extension: (Streatham) 5518

From Newcastle, UK. I completed my undergrad degree at Newcastle University; MMath (Hons) First Class. During my Master's year I studied the motion of charged particles in magnetic fields.

Currently, I am using radiation hydrodynamical (smoothed particle hydrodynamics) models to study the formation and evolution of protostellar discs, to understand the origin of the diversity of protoplanetary discs. By studying the statistics of properties of discs formed in simulations we can compare them to discs observed in nearby star-forming regions to begin to explain this diversity (see Bate 2018). Initally, I am studying how metallicity affects the properties of discs; this is done using data from star cluster formation simulations with varying metallicity (see Bate 2019). The paper is in the process of submission.

I am also interested in the growth of dust in the formation of protoplanetary discs, the foundations of planet formation, and the dynamics of discs in binary star systems, i.e. accretion from a circumbinary disc onto the embedded stars, and evolution of discs in misaligned binary systems.


Daniel Elsender, Matthew R Bate 2022 (in prep)

Daniel Elsender at al. 2022 (in prep)

Daniel Elsender, Matthew R Bate, The statistical properties of protostellar discs and their dependence on metallicity, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2021