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Photo of  David Newman

David Newman

Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2018)


Before my PhD, I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Exeter, graduating with an integrated MPhys. My dissertation involved applying a local FMR frequency method to quantify the dynamic manifestation of the configurational anisotropy in nanomagnets. In 2018, I then joined the EPSRC Centre of Doctoral Training for Metamaterials (XM2) at the University of Exeter as a postgraduate researcher.

The title of my PhD is "Detection of magnetic meta-atom dynamics by X-ray ferromagnetic resonance" and is supervised by Prof. Rob Hicken, Prof. Mustafa Aziz and Dr Maciej Dabrowski.

X-rays from synchrotron facilities (such as the Diamond Light Source in Didcot or the Advanced Light Source in Berkeley, USA) have established themselves as a useful probe for nanoscale phenomena. Recently, the X-ray ferromagnetic resonance (XFMR) technique has brought the advantages of X-ray measurements into the field of magnetism. This has allowed greater insights into the magnetisation dynamics within complex multilayer samples by providing element-specific measurements at picosecond time scales. In my PhD project, this XFMR technique is being used to probe spin-wave excitations in magnetic exchange springs and spin currents propagating through an antiferromagnetic layer.