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Photo of Miss Evelina Lucinskaite

Miss Evelina Lucinskaite

Postgraduate Researcher


Telephone: 01392 727468

Extension: (Streatham) 7468

Joined University of Exeter in 2019 after completion of undegraduate degree at University of Greenwich with 1st class honours and the David Castle award for Best Biomedical Science Student. Previous work has been done in Neuroscience Stem Cell & Gene Editing Laboratory supervised by Dr. Marc Fivaz. The research focused on autism-related CHD8 gene manipulations using CRISPR/Cas9n mutant (nickase) gene editing system in embryonic neural stem cells.

Current interdisciplinary project joins physics and molecular biology together to investigate RNA transcription mechanisms at single-molecule level by using novel advanced optical imaging approaches. Research is supervised by Prof. Christian Soeller and Dr. Steven West.


The Soeller Lab | Biophysics & Advanced Imaging

The Living Systems Institute