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Prof Frank Vollmer

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Molecular, Nano- and Quantum Sensors and Systems

"My laboratory pioneers techniques to detect and visualise processes at the nanoscale. We do this optically, in a specific and sensitive manner, down to the level of single molecules and single atomic ions. Our sensors and spectrometers have important applications in health, nanotechnology, metrology, environment, security, and astronomy."


Medicine as well as biology increasingly rely on the use of cutting‐edge physics and engineering, in order to pursue the next generation nanomedical applications and to address fundamental questions in the life sciences. Central to this task is the study of micro- and nano systems, focusing on how engineered “intelligent” systems combined with natural ones can advance sensing, medicine, and our understanding of how biological systems work. My research addresses these important questions with state‐of‐the‐art biosensor technologies, capable of detecting single molecules and their dynamics; and resolving the kinetics of complex molecular systems on timescales ranging from few nanoseconds to several hours. 

In summary, we are interested in the physics of biosensing:

biosensing, next generation biosensors
silicon photonics, biophotonics, nanophotonics, plasmonics
optofluidics, optical trapping
Anderson Localization
molecular interactions at a biosensor interface
novel materials for biosensing
novel physics for biosensing

PhD studentships and postdoc positions are available in the Vollmer Lab:

Postdoctoral positions

The project will develop chemical control at the nanoscale for single molecule sensing of molecular machines:

we are also looking for a theorist, advert on nature careers

more PhD/postdoc job posting for mygroup on on nature careers, physics today, researchgate and exeter jobs!

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