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Photo of Dr Gregory James Chaplain

Dr Gregory James Chaplain

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Telephone: (Lab) 01392 724187

Extension: (Streatham - Lab) 4187

Gregory is from Dundee, Scotland, where he lived until moving to Glasgow in 2012 to undertake an MSci in physics at the University of Glasgow. Afterwards he moved to Imperial College London where he obtained a PhD in applied mathematics under Prof. Richard Craster, winning the Yael Dowker Prize for best mathematics PhD thesis for his research into wave propagation effects in structured materials. He continuted at Imperial as a doctoral prize research fellow before being awarded a Research Fellowship from the Royal Commission for the Exhibiton of 1851 at the University of Exeter in 2021. 

His research interests include manipulating wave propagation using structured materials and metamaterials, across a variety of wave regimes from electromagnetism to elasticity, with a focus on applications in energy harvesting and vibration control.

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