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Dr Joseph Beadle

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (TEAM-A)


Between 2011-2015 I studied an MPhys physics at the University of Exeter. My master's research project was on the effect that structuring had on the radar cross-section of small metallic elements.

I studied my Ph.D. in the centre of doctoral training in metamaterials at the University of Exeter between 2015-2019, supervised by Prof. J. R. Sambles and Prof. A. P. Hibbins. I experimentally explored the effect of structuring surfaces on the propagation of bound acoustic surface modes. Such structured surfaces are known as metasurfaces. In airborne acoustics, I investigated phenomena such as phase resonances, the effect of introducing glide symmetry to such surfaces, and angle-independence. Towards the end of my Ph.D., I moved from airborne acoustics to underwater acoustics, here I explored the effect of adding a simple gratings (one groove per unit) to soft-solid acoustic plates. 

Currently, I am a research fellow based in QinetiQ at Farnborough for the TEAM-A project. Within this project, I will be continuing my research in the area of acoustic metamaterials in both airborne and underwater environments.