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Photo of Miss Jenni Haskell

Miss Jenni Haskell

PhD Student


Telephone: 01392 727468

Extension: (Streatham) 7468

I am a Physics PhD student within the Biomedical Spectroscopy team lead by Professor Nick Stone and Professor Francesca Palombo. I am currently involved in an EPSRC funded project to develop a novel technique utilising deep Raman spectroscopy for breast cancer screening.

Raman spectroscopy is chemically discriminative, so could provide extra information at the screening stage which is currently inaccessible by x-ray mammography. This could therefore help elucidate the nature of breast disease non-invasively and potentially reduce numbers of unecessary biopsies.

Previously, I completed my MSci in Natural Sciences in 2018 here at the University of Exeter. For my final year project, I worked within the BioSpec group with Prof Stone on drop coating deposition Raman spectroscopy (DCDRS) of blood plasma to detect lung and ovarian cancer from healthy controls.