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Photo of Dr Michael Camden Ward

Dr Michael Camden Ward

Postdoctoral Research Associate


My academic background has been built upon the fundamentals of biomedical engineering, undertaking a BEng and MSc in the field at QMUL, before embarking on a PhD, at the University of Liverpool, whereby I was attached to the EPSRC 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing CDT. During my PhD I focussed on patient specific facial prosthetics, and how viable additive manufacturing is, in its current state, in terms of producing single-print bespoke prosthetics. During this project I developed my skills in terms of medical imaging, DICOM segmentation, and patient specific implants, as well as tissue & polymer biomechanics and biocompatibility assays & legislation.

This skill set has fed effectively into my postdoctoral research position here at Exeter. Our project 'Image-driven subject-specific spine models' entails a multi-pronged approach whereby the culmination of ex vivo spinal imaging (MRI & CT) and 6-axis biomechanical testing, and in vivo dynamic imaging, will feed into an anatomically specific finite element model. This model will be developed and validated, with a plethora of potential clinical applications.      

Please feel free to get in touch, regarding similar areas of research, and collaborations.