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Photo of Dr Nikita Toropov

Dr Nikita Toropov

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Lab of Nano and Quantum Biosensors led by Professor Frank Vollmer Currently, Dr Toropov is a member of the Molecular Mechanics Initiative (MMI) supported by UKVI; he works on optoplasmonic sensors for single-molecule detection (proteins and enzymes).
  • Appointments 2019 - pt PDRF, Living Systems Institute, University of Exeter UK. 2017 - 2019 PDRF, SNAP Lab led by Prof M.Sumetsky, Aston University Birmingham UK. 2010 - 2017 ECR - PDRF - Ass. Professor, Surface Photophysics Lab led by Prof T.A.Vartanyan and Int'l R&E Centre 'Physics of Nanostructures' led by Prof A.Fedorov, ITMO University St. Petersburg Russia. 2009 - 2010 technician, Prof A.V.Voitsekhovskiy's group, Tomsk State University Russia.
  • Qualifications PhD (candidate of physical and mathematical sciences) Optics, ITMO Uni. 2013. MSc (Hons) Optical technologies, Tomsk State Uni. 2010 BSc (Hons) Photonics, Tomsk State Uni. 2008.
  • Work Experience Dr Toropov is an experimentalist worked mainly with physical methods for nano- and microstructures fabrication (PVD, MBE, and laser-assisted fabrication) and investigation (absorptive and fluorescent spectroscopy, optical and FLIM, WGM characterisation, AFM, SEM, Raman etc.). He dealt with plasmonic nanostructures, quantum dots, organic molecules, and optical microresonators.
  • Professional Activities Served as a reviewer for journals: Advanced Optical Materials, Nanoscale, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Optical & Quantum Electronics, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, Optik, Scientific Reports, Applied Physics B; an invited expert at the Polish National Center for Science; an official reviewer for several PhD theses. Participated in the EU research project IRSES 'LIMACONA'. Was a member of SPIE.
  • Honours and Awards Recently awarded Marie S.-Curie Fellowships (COFUND in Photonics) in collaboration with the Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, Arden Photonics and Aston University. Grants from the Russian President's Council (three times in a row), the British Council, the Fulbright, OPTEC LLC, Interlab LLC. In the past, a scholarship of the Dynasty Foundation, a scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation, two grants of the Government of St. Petersburg, a grant of the Foundation for the Promotion of Small Enterprises in Science and Technology