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Photo of Dr Philip Thomas

Dr Philip Thomas

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


I am a postdoctoral research fellow working with Bill Barnes on the ERC-funded PHOTMAT project. We aim to manipulate light on the nanoscale using organic materials in a variety of weird and wonderful ways.

I run our group's spectroscopic ellipsometry and Fourier transmission spectroscopy labs. If these techniques are of interest to you, please get in touch.

Prior to my appointment at Exeter I completed a PhD as part of the NOWNANO Centre for Doctoral Training in Nanoscience at the University of Manchester. During my PhD I studied propagating and collective plasmon resonances in metallic nanostructures, considering their potential applications in areas such as sensing and optoelectronics, particularly in combination with 2D materials such as graphene. My PhD thesis was published as part of the Springer Thesis Series.

My publications in peer-reviewed journals are listed on my Google Scholar profile.

Education and Employment

  • 2017 -           Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Exeter
  • 2013 - 2017  PhD in Physics, University of Manchester
  • 2009 - 2013  MPhys(Hons) in Physics, University of Manchester