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Prof Pete Vukusic

Book chapters


Luke, S. and Vukusic, P. (2012). Amorphous Nanophotonics in Nature.  In Amorphous Nanophotonics, Springer, London.

Large, M., Wickham, S., Polodian, P., and Vukusic, P., (2012) Control of iridescence in natural photonic structures: the case of butterfly scales. In Optical Biomimetics, Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge.

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 Vukusic P,. (2010) Advance photonic Systems on the wing-scales of Lepidoptera. In Functional Surfaces in Biology (S. Gorb Ed.) Springer Science and Business Media.

Vukusic P., Structural Colour Effects in Lepidoptera, (2006) chapter in Structural Colours in Biological Systems., Kinoshita S. and Yoshioka S. eds., Osaka University Press, 95-112,.

Vukusic P., (2003) Natural Coatings in Optical Interference Coatings, Springer Series in Optical Sciences, Volume 8.