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Photo of Dr Stephen Green

Dr Stephen Green

Senior Lecturer (Education and Scholarship)


Telephone: 01392 726100

Extension: (Streatham) 6100

Stephen Green first joined the University in 1997 as a Lecturer in Physical Chemistry. He now teaches in the Biomedicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry and Natural Sciences degree Programmes at Exeter.  His research interests are in both fundamental and applied electrochemistry, including sensor-based applications. He currently teaches Physical Chemistry in the following modules: BIO1343 Fundamental Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, NSC1003 Foundations in Natural Science, NSC2002 Physical Chemistry and BIO3073 Specialist Topics in Chemical Sciences.

Stephen also acts as an Examinations Officer for Natural Sciences.

Recent Publications
A.J. Gross , S. Holmes, S.E.C. Dale, M.J. Smallwood, S.J. Green, C.P. Winlove, N. Benjamin, P.G. Winyard, F. Marken, “Nitrite/nitrate detection in serum based on dual-plate generator–collector currents in a microtrench”, Talanta, 131 (2015) 228–235.
L. S.A. Mahe, S.J. Green, C.P. Winlove and A.T.A. Jenkins, “Pyrene-wired antibodies on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite as a label-free impedance biosensor for the sepsis biomarker procalcitonin”, J. Solid State Electrochem 18 (2014) 3245–3249.
J.L. Hammond, A.J. Gross, P. Estrela, J. Iniesta, S.J. Green, C.P. Winlove, P.G. Winyard, N. Benjamin and F. Marken, “Cysteine-Cystine Redox Cycling in a Gold−Gold Dual-Plate Generator-Collector Microtrench Sensor”, Anal. Chem., 86 (2014) 6748–6752.
D.K. Polyushkin, J. Milton, S. Santandrea, S. Russo, M.F. Craciun, S. J Green, L. Mahe, C.P. Winolve and W.L. Barnes, “Graphene as a substrate for plasmonic nanoparticles”, J. Opt. 15 (2013) 114001.
S.J. Green, L.S.A. Mahe, D.R. Rosseinsky and C.P. Winlove, “Potential and pH dependence of photocurrent transients for boron-doped diamond electrodes in aqueous electrolyte”, Electrochimica Acta 107 (2013) 111–119.
G. Gasser, C. Mari, M. Burkart, S.J. Green, J. Ribas, H. Stoeckli-Evans and J.H.R. Tucker, “Electrochemical, spectroscopic, magnetic and structural studies of complexes bearing ferrocenyl ligands of N-(3-hydroxypicolinoyl)picolinamide”, New J. Chem., 36 (2012) 1819–1827.