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Prof Sean Matt

Associate Professor of Astrophysics


Telephone: 01392 726611

Extension: (Streatham) 6611

I seek to understand how stellar activity (rotation, mass loss, accretion, magnetic fields) influences the formation, structure, evolution, and environments of stars.  My research is primarily theoretical and computational stellar astrophysics, in the areas of star formation (especially star-disk interaction), stellar angular momentum and spin evolution, stellar winds, accretion, convection, magnetic field generation, and the formation of jets and nebulae. I have expertise in magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), employing both analytic and computational (numerical simulation) techniques, developing and using a variety of numerical codes.

I lead the ERC-funded project AWESoMeStars.  Its five-(plus one)-year mission: to (boldly) develop a comprehensive, physical description of the origin and evolution of stellar rotation, magnetic activity, mass loss, and accretion.  Meet the research team.