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Photo of Prof Saverio Russo

Prof Saverio Russo

Open positions

1- Physics PhD studentship: Graphene-based radioactivity sensors

Primary Supervisor:  Professor Saverio Russo

Secondary Supervisor:  Professor Monica Craciun

Funding: fully funded 4-year studentship including Tuition fees (UK/EU) and an annual stipend at current research council rates

Radioactive isotopes are a global health hazard in nuclear fallout from both weapon detonation and disasters at power stations such as Fukushima and Chernobyl. The radioactive contamination of fallout in Scandinavia and Norway still exceeds the legal limit (3000 Bq/kg) interdicting the grazing of cattle. Hand held laboratory instruments used to detect radioactivity such as geiger counters provide a reliable way of measuring ionising radiation but these devices are not efficient or cost effective to test every item of food for example. Furthermore, these devices are not easy to embed in food packaging or clothing to provide novel solutions for which a high degree of mechanical flexibility is required, such as laboratory coats for example.

The aim of this project is to pioneer a new class of imperceptible, flexible and ultra-lightweight radioactivity sensors, which exploit the insulator-to-metal transition uniquely occurring in fluorinated graphene upon exposure to a radioactive source. This phenomenon was only recently discovered by the team of researchers at the University of Exeter lead by Prof S. Russo and Prof M.F. Craciun.

This project will be conducted in collaboration with Prof M. Dubois, Clermont Universite (France), as a part of a UK-France bilateral funding program.

Contact for informal enquiries: Prof. Saverio Russo, email ( or telephone (01392) 725195.

Application criteria: 

Applicants should have or expect to achieve at least a 2:1 Honours degree, or equivalent, in physics, engineering, chemistry or materials science.

How to apply

Please visit and complete the online web form. 

You will be asked to submit some personal details and upload a full CV, covering letter and details of two academic referees. Your covering letter should outline your academic interests, prior research experience and reasons for wishing to undertake this project.


2- Associate Research Fellow (Post-doc): Quantum drums

This is a 3-years experimental Associate Research Fellow position that aims to unveil the origin of dissipation in graphene nano-mechanical resonators connected to superconducting leads. The absence of dissipation in superconductors is a property that can be induced in graphene when placed in direct contact with a superconductor. The candidate will directly measure the strength of the electronic dissipation in these systems for the first time by studying the lifetime of resonant vibrations in the presence and absence of proximity-induced superconductivity. This experimental project will be conducted in parallel with the theoretical work of the group of Dr Eros Mariani in Physics at Exeter within the "Quantum Drums" project funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

Contact for informal enquiries: Prof. Saverio Russo, email ( or telephone (01392) 725195.