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Photo of Mr Wai Jue Tan

Mr Wai Jue Tan

Postgraduate Researcher (Metamaterials CDT 2018)


Telephone: 01392 725018

Extension: (Streatham) 5018

I'm a third year PhD student of XM2 CDT for metamaterials, supervised by Dr Isaac Luxmoore and Prof Bill Barnes. I started my PhD in September 2018, after completed my undergraduate in University of Exeter with a first-class honours in BSc Mathematics and Physics in July 2018.

My PhD project is about investigating properties of material under strong light-matter interaction, known as strong coupling regime. Strong coupling can be acheived by placing a quantum emitter within a confined light field. In this regime, the rate of exchange of energy between the photon and exciton state is greater than the decay rate of the system. In the strong coupling regime, new hybrid states are formed that have different energies from the constituent states. The hybrid states will inherit the properties of both of the photon state and exciton states. Strong coupling is a good way of changing the properties of a material without modifying the material, for example, modifying rate of chemical reaction, enhancing electrical conductivity, enhancing transport of exciton and etc.

Aside from studying light-matter interaction, I'm also looking into transfer of energy using excitonic material, in particular materials with strong and narrow absorption bandwidth. 



  • PhD in Metamaterial (2018 - present ) University of Exeter
  • BSc Physics and Mathetatics (2015 - 2018) University of Exeter, 1st Class Honors, Deans Commendation for 3 years


Conference Attended:

  • AMOFL Summer School (June 2019, Amsterdam), poster presented 
  • IONS Exeter (September 2019, Exeter), poster presented
  • Exeter-Bath Knowledge transfer (October 2019, Exeter), poster presented 
  • Royal Society scientific meeting (November 2019), co-presenter of poster