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Photo of Mrs Julia Dautova

Mrs Julia Dautova

PhD Project

Scattering and Localisation of Microwave Surface Waves

Supervisors: Prof Alastair Hibbins, Prof Roy Sambles

This project will consider the manipulation of microwave bound surface waves that exist at the surface of a metal, in particular studying the phenomenon of scattering and localisation of these modes on metamaterials and meta-surfaces.  We are interested in ideas such as surface wave cloaking and surface wave absorbers and line modes, and work is splitted between undertaking experiments and modelling (numerical and/or analytical).  

Our team of researchers now wish to understand the fundamentals of surface waves at discontinuities, boundaries, defects and edges.  While surface wave cloaks can help be devised to reduce scattering from these defects and a perfect surface wave absorbers would completely avoid unwanted scatter, the operation of leaky / surface wave antennas are based on the requirement of efficient out-coupling of surface wave energy. The control of the directionality and angle spread of the scattered signal is of great relevance for useful device performance.