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Physics and Astronomy


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20 May 2024

Astro Seminar: Studying dust settling using multi-wavelengths osbervations of protoplanetary disks

Physics Building, 4th Floor Add event
22 May 2024

Astro Seminar: Accreting gas giants in smoothing-free, 2.5 radiation-hydrodynamical simulations: Low H alpha emission efficiency

Physics Building, 4th Floor Add event
12 June 2024

Astro Seminar by Helen Fraser (Title:TBC)

Physics Building 4th Floor Add event
26 June 2024

Astro Seminar: Christopher Nixon (Title: TBC)

4th Floor Physics Building Add event
25 September 2024

Astro Seminar: Pascale Panuzzo, title: TBC

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