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Tuesday 29 Mar 2022Helicity and linking for 3-dimensional Anosov flows.

Richard Sharp - University of Warwick

Harrison 101 13:30-14:30

Given a volume-preserving flow on a closed 3-manifold, one can, under certain conditions, define an invariant called the helicity. This was introduced as a topological invariant in fluid dynamics by Moffatt and measures the total amount of linking of orbits. When the manifold is a real homology 3-sphere, Arnold and Vogel identified this with the so-called asymptotic Hopf invariant, obtained by taking the limit of the normalised linking number of two typical long orbits. We obtain a similar result for null-homologous volume preserving Anosov flows, in terms of weighted averages of periodic orbits. (This is joint work with Solly Coles.)

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