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Wednesday 19 Oct 2022A Decade of Black-Hole X-ray Binary Transients

Phil Charles - University of Southampton

Physics building, 4th floor 14:00-15:00

The last decade has seen a significant gain in both space and ground-based monitoring capabilities, producing vastly better coverage of BH X-ray binaries during their (rare) transient outbursts. This interval also included two of the 3 brightest X-ray outbursts ever observed, namely V404 Cyg in 2015, and MAXI J1820+070 in 2018, as well as Swift J1357.2-0933, the first such system to show a variable period optical dip. We have superb multi-wavelength archives of these outbursts, both photometric and spectroscopic, that show substantial outflows in the form of jets and disc winds, and X-ray spectroscopy/timing that reveals how the inner accretion disc evolves.

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