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Wednesday 26 Oct 2022Simultaneous radial velocity and magnetic field measurements from intensity spectra

Florian Lienhard - University of Cambridge

Physics building, 4th floor 14:00-15:00

During the past decades, the radial velocity (RV) community has made tremendous leaps forward, detecting and characterising ever smaller and lighter exoplanets. This trend has been broken in recent years, as planet-induced RV signals smaller than 1 m/s have turned out to be drowned out by the activity of the stars themselves. The detection of Earth analogues causing an RV effect of about 10 cm/s is therefore currently out of reach. To reinstate the trend in the detection of ever lighter planets, a few avenues are being explored. These include improving (1) the instruments, (2) observing strategies, (3) RV extraction techniques, (4) stellar activity monitoring, and (5) stellar activity modelling. In this talk, I will present my contributions to problems (3) and (4). I will outline my new Multi-Mask Least-Squares Deconvolution (MM-LSD) RV extraction pipeline. I will also show how a proxy for stellar magnetic activity induced RV variations can be extracted from intensity spectra in the visible wavelength range, providing an independent estimate for the evolution of the magnetic field.

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