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Dr Alex Corbett

Dr Alex Corbett awarded Industry Fellowship

Dr Alex Corbett has received a Royal Society Short Industry Fellowship to work with M Squared Life Limited. 

Dr Corbett, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, has been awarded a 1-year (0.5 FTE) fellowship to develop laser written calibration standards for light sheet microscopes.

The fellowship will be undertaken in collaboration with M Squared Life (daughter company of M Squared Lasers Limited.) which manufactures the Aurora light sheet microscope. Light sheet microscopes allow larger biological samples to be imaged with reduced photodamage.

The Royal Society established the Short Industry Fellowship to enable shorter term and more dynamic engagements between academia and industry.

The Fellowship builds on Dr Corbett’s success in commercialising fluorescent calibration standards to quantify the performance of widefield and confocal optical microscopes through hardware and software solutions ( The careful characterisation of microscope performance is a key step forward in meeting the challenge of poor experimental reproducibility in the biomedical sciences.

By extending the existing hardware and software tools to more recent microscopy developments such as light sheet microscopy, it will help to further increase confidence in both the scientific data and the conclusions drawn from those data.

Dr Corbett said: “I am delighted to be award the Short Industry fellowship as it provides an opportunity to work with the excellent team at M Squared Life and further demonstrates that the challenges of data reproducibility are being taken seriously”.

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Date: 28 January 2021

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