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Physics and Astronomy

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Our Code of Conduct and Inclusivity aims to make everyone in the Physics and Astronomy department aware of expected professional conduct and to ensure that everyone understands how to report problems. The document refers to many existing policies at the University of Exeter and includes additional guidance to promote best practice and inclusivity across a range of topics that are relevant to the Physics community. The information in this document is not intended to override existing University policies but to bring them together into a helpful summary, and readers are encouraged to follow the links we have provided to read the policies in more detail.

The document was developed by our Inclusion Group, with input from across the department, and is part of the group's action plan to improve inclusivity and wellbeing for everyone working and studying in the department. In particular, it addresses a specific aspect of our action plan, which is aligned with the Institute of Physics’ framework for inclusivity (Project Juno), to embed professional conduct into department culture and behaviour.

Click on the link to download a copy of the Code of Conduct and Inclusivity.

We implemented a departmental Promotions Committee in 2019 to support and encourage particularly female staff to apply for promotion.

The committee comprises the Head of Department, the leads of each research group, and the Directors for Education, Research, and Equality Diversity & Inclusion. It meets once a year ahead of the annual promotions cycle to discuss the promotion prospects for each eligible member of academic staff (Lecturers, Senior Lecturers and Associate Professors) in light of research and education data, qualitative data from their head of group (publications, invited talks, prizes etc), and the Head of Department (citizenship activities).

Staff who, in the view of the committee, are identified as having a credible case for promotion are approached by the Head of Department and asked to consider an application. The actual decision on promotion is made by a Faculty promotions panel.

“Organisation is good, and culture is very good. The leadership in the department should be commended for the overwhelmingly positive culture in the department, which stands apart from many other departments that I’ve had interactions with.” (anonymous respondent, Pulse Check 2020).

“This is a great department and everyone involved should be proud of this community that have created.” (anonymous academic staff member, Pulse Check 2022).

Since 2018, we have conducted an annual in-person feedback day to “check the pulse” of staff and students within our department with regards to departmental culture. These Pulse Check days receive significant engagement and provide us with general feedback as well as targeted qualitative data on the working environment.